Descanso Gardens in California: Magic of Light

Descanso Gardens Light Show

Los Angeles Descanso Gardens, located in the north of the city of Los Angeles, opened its doors with new light show. Descanso Gardens, becoming even more fascinating with the integration of light, sound and music, has been brilliant with its illumination as natural beauty. Illuminations of the light show, designed by LIGHTSWITCH, is one of the greatest example of successful interactive practice in park and garden lighting.

In 1953, Descanso founder E. Manchester Boddy preserved these 160 acres of gardens, woodlands and chaparral for future generations to experience the natural heritage and beauty of Southern California. From the day of its foundation, Descanso Gardens welcome its visitors with natural beauty; it hosted “Enchanted: Forest of Light” event in past  days. The event, featuring interactive light shows, opened its doors from November 25th to June 8th in Los Angeles.

After visiting the award-winning “Illumination” show of LIGHTSWITCH at the Morton Arboretum, officials of Descanso Gardens said that they asked the firm to create a new experience in order to bring new members to the park by attracting old members. In this context, the firm declaired that a detailed study made with the Descanso officials on their unique geographical features and special plant collections, and stated that their work lasted close to one year.

Descanso Gardens Light ShowDescanso Gardens Light Show

After the studies, a light show which consists of eight zones and reveals all the beauty of the park was designed. The first part of the activity begins with “Flower Power”. In this area, thousands of light sources on the tulip motif are exhibited as part of the Tulip Garden exhibition, which Descanso shares with its visitors every year. “Rainbow Sycamores” is event’s second stop. The area is welcoming visitors with colorful lighting of towering sycamore trees. The third part is “Lightwave Lake”. In this part, Lightwave Lake utilizes the botanic garden’s lake to create a dazzling light display that visitors also can adjust with nearby controls. Furthermore another activity area is “Symphony of Oaks”. This area is an interactive application zone where visitors can control light and music at the same time. In the fifth section, the Camelias highlighted by the Red and Blue colors of the Descando Gardens are hosting the visitors. Another area of ​​activity is the “Luminous Lawn” where visitors can change the colors of lighted pads by walking on them. The seventh is the “Ancient Forest” area. As its name implies, the ancient forest texture is illuminated with green lights. Finally, the last stop in the event is “The Garden of Good Fortune”. In this part japanese garden is decorated with hundreds of glowing lanterns by LIGHTSWITCH.

Descanso Gardens Light ShowDescanso Gardens Light Show

LIGHTSWITCH has taken a different approach to the project with the harmony of light, sound and music. On the other hand, the event fascinates its guests with visual and aural light shows and makes the environment mystical.