Lighting Project of Famous Daryl Roth Theater in New York Deservedly Awarded For Lumen Awards 2016

Daryl Roth Theater

As a part of annual “Lumen Awards” event, projects which are utilized in “Lumen Awards of Excellence, Lumen Awards of Merit and Lumen Citation Awards” categories were awarded in 16 June 2016. The Daryl Roth Theater project of CBBLD was deservedly awarded in the category of Lumen Citation Awards.

The old “Union Square Savings Bank” building in Union Square Park, New York, completed by architect Henry Bacon in 1907, is now used as the Daryl Roth Theater. This important building, which has been planned to be illuminated since 2010, has been modernly illuminated for the first time in its history after five years of work by Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBBLD). The project designer Francesca Bettridge said that the lighting process was taking too long due being a landmark property which has been constructed in the past century, and she added that the Daryl Roth Theater had gone through a difficulties due to the changing and developing technology during design process.

It has been stated that over 30 years of experience in the company’s technical, product and application issues have provided an important advantage in the success of the project.

Daryl Roth TheaterDavidSundberg/ESTO

Process of Project:

Daryl Roth Theater

Before Lighting Design

Daryl Roth Theater

Floodlighting with Metal Halide Projectors across the street

Daryl Roth Theater

Floodlighting with Metal Halide Projectors on terrace

Daryl Roth Theater

In their first two studies, the team used “floodlighting” technique by using of metal halide projectors mounted on poles across the building. Moreover, in order to illuminate the side of the building, same floodlights mounted on terrace of the building across the street.   A third study looked at attaching the fixtures directly to the building. In this context, dimmable LED linear fixtures are used and to apply “Wall-grazing” technique, and to assembly the lighting system within success, special construction details are worked on the theater’s cornice. After, the AGI (special lighting calculation software) renderings confirmed that this solution not only provided the right amount of illumination, but it put the light where the designers wanted it, achieving enough contrast across the façade while highlighting the architectural details. It also provided minimal light at the sidewalk without any spill light to the surrounding buildings or park.

After concept design of CBBLD, team has worked on application details that it will not damage the existing structure (or it can be solved with minimum damage) and preventing negative effects on aesthetics in order fast approvel of Project by LPC.


In this sense, all the projects and applications related to the project were managed by CBBLD. Due to the fact that Project requirements of qualification, special product design and special construction solutions have been produced. After all the work was done, LPC (Landmarks Preservation Commission) was approved and the project was opened in the sense of application.

Daryl Roth Theater

Daryl Roth Theater lighting project; Multi-disciplinary working style, special mounting solution, lighting design and project-specific product design symbolize a distinguished example of today’s highlight of lighting design.

Project Details

Project: Daryl Roth Theatre Façade, New York
End User: Daryl Roth Production, New York
Lighting Design: Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, New York
Consultant for Landmarks Process: Rosen Johnson Architects, New York
Project Size: 17,482 metersquare
Total Energy Consumption: Total wattage is 4,135W, which meets 0.2 watts per square foot category requirements for a building façade under ASHRAE 90.1-2007.
Manufacturer: Acolyte LED