Corrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, Australia

Famous law bureau Corrs Chambers Westgarth moved to a inimitable and innovative new office at 22-26th floor of 567 Collins Street in Melbourne. The lighting design of the Corrs Chambers Westgarth office, bear Bates Smart Architects’ signature, was designed by Electrolight. Office which shows modern and classic designs at the same time and in a successful manner hold many details in terms of lighting.

The staircase rising in the center of the office connects the reception with the dining area. The staircase design has a pretty impressive look from the aesthetic side. The black metal bars descend as a linear from the top to the bottom. Illuminations designed for the stairs are hiddenly placed in the niche which is built in the ceiling. The stairway lighting meets the main lighting needs as well as the aesthetic appearance.

The reception area at the entrance is designed in an elegant and aesthetic way. The stylish parquet on the side looks harmonious with the dark surfaces used on walls and the ceiling. Illuminations placed in the niche on the ceiling hide behind the architectural enlightenment while lighting the general venue. The sitting groups close to the high windows meet the elite cityscape of the plaza. The projectors used on the upper floors spots the venue while contributing to general illumination. The stylish design in the public areas give a place to a simple design in the dining room. The decorative pendant luminaires used on the table gain a plain and aesthetic appearance. When it comes to the café, pendants are placed in a stylish way on the tables. In addition, descented illuminated curtains, has sculptural appearance, add an enchanting atmosphere. Again, spots in the café area create a quality lighting design with an emphasis on centering. The spots placed on the side surfaces in the hall are welcomed you.

The lighting that emphasizes stylish and simple architecture in overall has gained a very impressive visual. The new Corrs Chambers Westgarth office has been deemed worthy of many awards for its architectural and lighting design.

Data Sheet
Completion: 2015
Project Location: Melbourne, Australia
Area: 8,500 sqm
Lighting Designers: Electrolight
Architects: Bates Smart Architects
Photo Credits: Peter Clarke
Renders and Sketches: Electrolight

IESANZ International Award of Excellence for Lighting Design 2016
IES Victorian Award of Excellence for Lighting Design, Corrs Chambers Westgarth 2015
WIN Award Winner – Lighting Projects 2016
Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Workplace over 1000sqm, Highly Commended 2016
Australian Interior Design Awards (AIDA), Workplace Design, Commendation 2016










Corrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, AustraliaCorrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, AustraliaCorrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, AustraliaCorrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, AustraliaCorrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne, Australia