Moger’s Bright Glowing Halo Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Wilmotte & Associés

Glowing Halo by Moger

The architectural and art studio Moger created a magnificent halo which looked as a light beam in the 18th century ‘l’ancien Hôpital Royal’ chapel in Versailles. The ‘Architecture Passions’ exhibition was prepared within the scope of the 40th anniversary of Wilmotte & Associés.

Moger’s glowing halo work contains a large circular mirror placed at the base of the church. 400 golden elastic lines are strung between the floor and an overhead balcony. The light emitted from the light source placed inside the circle is reflected from the wires, let the environment looks fascinating. In addition, while the studio’s Renaissance work brings a new perspective to the geometry of the space, it successfully demonstrates the ‘space is a living metarial’ theme that the studio wants to emphasize. The light beam surrounding the center refers to a renaissance period.

While honoring the work of Wilmotte & Associés, Mogur represents and subvert this tradition. The mirror at the center of the work reflects the complex architecture of the roof, while creating its own architecture and emphasizing the ceiling height of the church.

It was met with great interest by the visitors that participated in the celebration of this special work that the company has put forth. Moger’s work is not limited to this. Please visit the company’s official website for further works by the company with many different projects.


Customer:        Wilmotte & Associés
Size:                 90 m2
Location:         Versailles, France
Year:                2016





Glowing Halo by MogerGlowing Halo by MogerGlowing Halo by Moger