Monadnock Designed a Special Office for Royal Tichelaar, the Oldest Company in the Netherlands

Royal Tichelaar Office

The Rotterdam-based application company Monadnock transformed the old industrial building into a comfortable office environment for the oldest company in the Netherlands. The ceiling detail designed in Royal Tichelaar Office creates an impressive design while it provides a functional solution for lighting and ventilation.

The design team has rearranged the structure to provide a brand new design for the Royal Tichelaar which is the oldest Netherlands Company – specialist in ceramics. The prominent ceiling design features a conical fabric detail designed in different sizes. The design team referenced by the ‘tent room’, a fabric lined volume often found in old country houses. The most important feature of this special fabric is: fabric lets the illumination in a homogeneous way due transparency of the textile while blocking any visual pollution.

Royal Tichelaar Office

Thanks to this detail on the ceiling in Royal Tichelaar Office, the perception of the ceiling height is increased while creating an impressive presentation in terms of visual sense. In addition to this, the frequent ventilation and lighting application details in offices are completely hidden. By design of fabric which resembles a pyramid with a conical image is not only put visually attraction but also a functional solution. With this design the light extends to all workplaces in the venue. With the help of this textile that is manufactured from standard ventilation cloth, normally used for ventilation ducts provides a smoother airflow directly through the fabric, without any vents.

Project info:

client: royal tichelaar makkum, ceramics manufactory
project team: sandor naus, job floris
location: makkum, Netherlands
project type: office interior
year: 2015
contractor: bouwgroep dijkstra draisma
project management: bouwadviesburo mark white
ceilings: lampe technical textiles
interior: galama-interior
photography: stijn bollaert








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