Toronto Center for the Arts by Diamond Schmitt Architect

The 1800-seat Toronto Center for the Arts theater was reorganized to adapt changing conditions. The Center which has been divided into two venues make up a part of the 300-seat Black Box theater while the other part consists of the Proscenium theater with 574 seats. When new seats, balconies and stages were added to both theater areas in the new concept, unique designs were created for both. It was aimed that the architecture with the new designs could show the actual performances. The work done in this sense was carried out with a very modest budget in order to make the sources of the theater sustainable.

In the works designed in the innovative concept, the lighting is also very important. Special Chevron-shaped fabric panels were designed for the Black Box theater scene. With the help of programmable LEDs placed in the chevron-panels, the desired light shows can be passed on to the hall, and the light shows that match the performance displayed on the stage impressed the spectators. In this sense, the stage of the Proscenium theater also has one’s share of the lighting design consept. Proscenium, which emerges with simpler and modest design, is created exactly according to the needs. While the area where the deep ceiling height is illuminated by the color-changing LEDs, the hall and the stage are illuminated with standard lighting techniques. The work of Toronto Center for the Arts, designed by the Diamond Schmitt Architecture company, is quite striking. In this sense, Schmitt’s design will be a precedent for many theaters.

Location: North York, Ontario, Canada
Client: Toronto Centre for the Arts
Date of Project: October 2016
Photograph: Tom Arban

Design Team:
Gary McCluskie
Sybil Wa
Antra Roze
Michael Treacy
Patrick Johnson
Stephanie Town
Wei Zhao








Toronto Center for the ArtsToronto Center for the ArtsToronto Center for the ArtsToronto Center for the Arts