The lights of Niagara Falls Have Been Renewed for $ 4 Million

The Lights of Niagara Falls

The world famous Niagara Falls are as colorful and bright as ever with the open-air SSL (Solid-State Lighting) having new LED technology installed at the Table Rock Center. The lights of Niagara Falls have been renewed with the new LED-based system reduces energy consumption by 60% compared to existing Xenon lighting, while providing a significant cost advantage over 25 years without any maintenance.

With the help of the Niagara Falls Lighting Board, a $ 4 million project was launched in September aiming to increase both visual experience of the visitors as well as providing energy efficiency and longevity associated with LED lighting. The illumination of these iconic falls which have been the subject of many films, is provided with 21 Xenon spotlights in the current system, while leaving 1400 independent LED lighting fixtures, which can be controlled from a total of 68 different areas with open-air SSL (Solid-State Lighting) with LED technology. We can already say that the lighting effect is tremendous because there are 100 separate LED light panels in the project that will double the lighting from the current capacity. In addition, it is expected to create a fascinating effect on falls by every tones in the new color spectrum which can offer more than 18,000 different color combinations.

Niagara Falls Led Lighting 02

For the Niagara Falls which has been illuminated since 1860, many different systems have been used along with the technology that has evolved to the present day, but the iconic look has gained a magnificent view with LED lighting that can offer a unique rich color. According to the authorities, this new LED-based SSL system can provide 4 to 14 times brighter light levels than the old Xenon illuminator.

Lighting design and implementation is the result of 3 years of work by leading electric companies ECCO, Mulvey & Banani, Salex, Sceneworks and Stanley Electric. Financial support for this enormous Project was provided in partnership with the American and Canadian governments.