Beijing Philharmonic Concert Hall Design by MAD Architects

Beijing Philharmonic Concert Hall

Thanks to the light and airy design of the translucent white façade, the new building of the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing will invite visitors daringly with an impressive night view. The eye-catching design with its fascinating image and natural surroundings was designed by MAD Architects.

The Beijing Philharmonic Concert Hall, which offers 26,587 square metres of floor space on an 11,600-square-metre plot, was designed by MAD Architects in Beijing. Acoustic design of the structure, which will be erected in Beijing’s central business district, was designed in an associate of acoustic specialist Yasuhisa Toyota in order to provide a spectacular acoustic experience for China’s capital. The acoustician, who has previously worked on the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Philharmonie de Paris and Suntory Hall in Japan, is regarded as a master of his craft.

The building will be surrounded by a park and a lotus pond. Ma Yansong, founder and head of MAD Architects, states: “We wanted to create a pure and sacred oasis in the midst of the bustling city. From the moment you enter the building, you will be taken to another time and space.”

As in other projects of MAD Architects, there is a concert hall with a capacity of 1,600 spectators and a smaller rehearsal hall with a capacity of 400 people in the Beijing Philharmonic Concert Hall. In addition, there are also recording studio, library, gallery, offices, etc. in the building. Functional areas are also considered in the project. The Chinese Philharmonic Hall is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Source: MAD Architects

Project credits:

Architects: MAD Architects
Directors: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Design Team: Kin Li, Liu Huiying, Fu Xiaoyi, Brecht Van Acker, Zeng Hao, Li Guangchong, Jacob Hu, Xiao Ying, Dora Lam, Zhao Wei, Shen Chen, Dmitry Seregin, Zhu Jinglu, Yukan Yanagawa, Wang Deyuan, Hiroki Fujino, Zheng Fang, Sear Nee
Interior Design: MAD Architects
Client: China Philharmonic Orchestra
Acoustics: Nagata Acoustics
Construction Engineer: Radio Film & Television Design & Research Institute (DRFT)
Structural Consultant: China Construction International (Shenzhen) Design Consultant
Facade consultant: RFR Asia
Lighting consultant: SIGN Lighting
Interior executive architect: Beijing Honggao Interior Design
Landscape design: Palm Design
Planning of traffic facilities: Beijing Homedale Institute of Urban Planning & Architectural Design














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