Irvine Boulevard lit by Studio K1

Irvine Boulevard lit by Studio

The Irvine boulevard pedestrian and bicycle path bridge in the Irvine neighborhood of California is illuminated by the Studio K1 team. The illuminations were welcomed by the residents of the neighborhood.Irvine Bulvarı Aydınlatıldı

The bridge in the Irvine Boulevard is an important pedestrian and bicycle route destination for the residents. The Bridge, connecting each neighborhoods have an intensive use rate by residents. In this context, the bridge was successfully illuminated by the Studio K1 team in order to provide service at nights and interesting the people of the region. The lighting project, designed by evaluating the bridge architecture in mind, covers the pedestrian route and tower’s interior zone.Irvine Boulevard lit by Studio K1

With Irvine priding itself as the safest city in the United States, the bridge has as much functional purpose as it does aesthetic. The lighting design of the Studio K1 team provides a new exciting gateway between neighborhoods while meeting the security requirements for the bridge.Irvine Boulevard lit by Studio K1

Simple, elegant and entertaining lighting designs have an iconic element that promotes healthy and active living with walking and cycling.

Architect: Ware Malcomb
Landscape ArchitectsElect. Engineer: tk1sc