Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Show Reveals a Fascinating Light Show with Intel’s Drones

lady Gaga Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, American Football League’s final match, won a different dimension with Lady Gaga’s magnificent stage show during halftime.

Lady Gaga, who got on the stage during halftime of the final match of the American Football League (NFL) championship in the Houston City, United States, set the scene with stage performance and cut out the football played on the field for a while. Another interesting detail of Gaga’s show was the light show in the sky that coincided with the Gaga’s performans.

Intel’s 300 drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) accompanied Lady Gaga’s performance. American flags were created in the sky with the lights of the drone’s. What makes Intel’s drone special is synchronized performans of all the devices which act like a single device.

Technology company Intel claims that it was the first time of drones have featured on a television event. “Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl creative team wanted to pull off something special that had never been done before and we were able to combine Intel drone innovation with Gaga’s art to reveal a truly unique experience,” said Josh Walden, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group.

The show which was highly acclaimed in the past few days was created with 300 drone, and the company said that 10 thousand drone’s can be used in similar shows.