“Trace” by Geoffrey Hicks and Grace Grothaus

Trace by Geoffrey Hicks and Grace Grothaus

Located in Brady Arts District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trace is actually the work of two prominent artists, Geoffrey Hicks and Grace Grothaus, both of whom share the intersection of art and technology. The inspiration for the project came from the contrast between the popularity of pedestrian bridges and lack of care. On this count, they wanted to add something that looked both cosmetically better and more pleasant.

Beginning in May 2016, hundreds of brick-shaped LED lights were placed by two artists along the passage surrounding the center of the bridge. Each LED contains circuitry and software created by artists with a one-year business unit from production to installation.

Geoffrey Hicks and Grace Grothaus

During the day, the LED bricks are charged through the solar panels and are lit during the night in the dark. Normally, its color is white but according to the vibration and pedestrian traffic, and it gets a bright blue color. The blueprints in the place where the pedestrians walk are lit for a while to form a short visual of how the pedestrians have walked before.

The installation, financed by the UCAP public arts organization, will take place during the summer of 2018.