Luca Poian Forms Designed Camboo Pavillion for International Bamboo Festival

Camboo Pavillion

Italian studio Luca Poian Forms recently shared images of Camboo Pavillion, designed for the International Bamboo Festival. Luca’s proposed design for this important festival, which will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2017, is impressive. Almost entirely made of bamboo, the Pavillion unifies Cambodia’s local culture with deep and rooted construction methods while revealing the structural and mechanical possibilities. Camboo Pavillion is impressively designed as offering an impressive architecture with its stunning image and parabolic design. The Pavillion is equipped with bearing beams mounted on a circular form that forms the base. The wave form is being acquired by the installation of the parabolic plates centering on the beam bases. After the mounting hundreds of bamboo placed in the wave form, it gets the final image. Thus, the design presented can be contructed with entirely natural materials without the need for up-to-date materials such as iron, steel and concrete. In this context, it brings a different perspective to contemporary architecture.

Project info:

ArchitectureLuca Poian Forms
Location: Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Year: 2017
Client: Building Trust International
Use: Pavillion
Bldg. area: 110 m2
Status: International design competition – honourable mention







Camboo PavillionCamboo PavillionCamboo PavillionCamboo PavillionCamboo Pavillion Camboo Pavillion