One Plus Partnership designed ‘meteor cinema’ for a mall in China

Hong Kong-based company One Plus Partnership has designed a two-storey cinema that emphasizes the parallels between observation of meteors and the process of filmmaking. In the movie theater found in a shopping mall in Guangzhou city, China, various architectural interventions depicting a different direction at every turn of meteor shower was placed.

In the lobby, long cubic forms that mimic a striped meteor shower in the sky stretch out of the dome. The edges of the rectangular strips extending in two directions are inclined to create a sense of dramatic motion. These aluminum plates have two different probes to create a wood-like effect; Covered with brown and earthy patterns.

In other areas of the cinema there are also a number of interventions: the stainless steel signage seems like the number of auditoriums flying towards the spectators, while the straight rectangular shaped counters and sections seem to come out from the ground. This theme also continues in the halls where different wall decoration styles are set up.