Pablo Millán’s Minimalist Chapel Design in Seville

Pablo Millan

Architect Pablo Millan designed a minimalist chapel in addition to the church of Sancta Santorum in the town of Martín de La Jara, Seville, Spain. The building was designed away from any adornment in order to make it possible to feel in moral and spiritual connection.

Seferencing the strong axial geometry of churches and temples from ancient times, Pablo Millan designed a minimal space with a clear focus on the few holy objects found in the room. Millan has placed simple white walls and marble flooring in the design. To keep the space in the chapel wide, very few objects were placed. The objects used inside are carefully selected.

The illumination of the chapel also includes the designs of Architect Pablo Millan. In this sense, Millan made use of daylighting to illuminate the chapel. Due to the special detail created on the ceiling surface, the rectangular and the barrisol like illumination are used for lighting purposes. Today, the search for daylighting, possibly the most important task of any architect. When the daylight is used, the ceiling lighting does not disturb the inside sight. Another detail is that the white walls and marble floors used in the interior successfully reflect the light so that the light is distributed homogeneously. When evaluated as a whole, the chapel is quite minimalist and looks as mere.

Pablo MillanPablo MillanPablo MillanPablo MillanPablo MillanPablo Millan

Project Info:

Name: chapel of the blessed sacrament
Client: archdiocese of seville
Location: parish of our lady of the rosary, plaza de andalucía, 17, martín de la jara (seville, spain)
Architect: pablo-m. millán-millán
Collaborators: javier serrano terrones, (technical architect), javier bengoa díaz, (structures)
Photography: javier callejas sevilla
Builder: juan lola construcciones
Budget: €67,000
Start date: october 1, 2016
Completion date: january 30, 2017