Here’s a car that you probably will not be able to buy: 2017 Lexus

2017 lexus IS LED

Lexus covered a car with a total of 41,999 LEDs. The car is fully illuminated, but probably will never be legal to use on the roads. The car, called LIT IS, was designed for the creation of a new video “Be The One” of English singer Dua Lipa as part of a collaboration between Lexus and video broadcast service Vevo according to Gizmodo. Did I mention that this thing changed color in response to human movements and music?

To create this colorful chameleon, Lexus engineers applied all of these 41999 LED lights to their cars by hands. If all the LEDs are placed end to end, they can form an LED line in half a mile length. According to Lexus, the car has three different modes:

Capture mode has a loop of colorful graphics that emphasize the IS’s strong lines and play with a bold design.

Music Viz mode, LEDs designed to respond to music, create special, responsive displays that perfectly match any song.

Gest mode allows users to control the movement of LED animations with hand gestures with the help of a game console. This mode connects the car and the driver directly, allowing one to send a signal and the car to react instantly.