‘Gweilo Light’ With Its Magnificent Design and Sculptural Image

Gweilo Light, produced by clear acrylic material, has become a work of art in the hands of Partisans Design Team. Acrylic, which is composed of solid and transparent blocks, confront with its fascinating design and sculptural structure after heating and bending processes. The last month, It was exhibited to visitors by the Gweilo Light Partisans team as part of the Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Alex Josephson, the founder of Partisans, and his team uses the thermoforming process to heat the optical grade acrylic sheets and plastics under 400 ° C until they become flexible. Then, they create fabulous designs in the wave forms by shaping the heated material with hands. These objects, which have been bent and shaped, are then left to cool. Finally, panels which are embedded with a fine-spun grid of tiny LED chips, are then placed in a custom-made extrusion.

“We’re transforming light at its source,” is how Alex Josephson describes the free-formed Gweilo. In addition, Josephson added: Customers reinvent the source of light as sculpture.

The work of Gweilo Light started about three years ago. After changes and improvements of product which was initially designed for creating an experimental lighting application comes out within a brand new way as Gweilo Light.

Gweilo Light has been exhibited practically in front of the visitors of Interior Design Show in Toronto last month. Architect Omar Gandhi, sculptor Harley Valentine, designer Tommy Smythe and Partizans’ collaborative work will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Gweilo LightGweilo LightGweilo LightGweilo LightGweilo LightGweilo LightGweilo Light

Gweilo LightGweilo Light