Helios Modular: New Generation Lighting Fixture

Helios Modular

With the changing and developing technology, the luminaires can show a variety in terms of both intelligence and usability. This is exactly where ‘Helios Modular’ comes in as a touch wall armature with a hexagonal panel look, which can be designed in free form. With the modular easy plug-in structure of the armatures, you can combine them quickly and start using them immediately. With Helios Modular, it can be used to decorate the architecture of any space while using for lighting purposes.

You can redesign the panels to suit your style by arranging them according to the way you desire. With the touch feature, you can reflect your mood by illuminating the panels you want with a single finger tip. In this respect, you can improve the light and the quality of life while adding to your living space or working space excitement and fun.

Helios ModularHelios ModularHelios ModularHelios Modular