The Cyanometer: 228-Year-Old Tool for Measuring the Blueness of the Sky

Hot on the heels of a post earlier this week about centuries-old guide for mixing watercolors, I stumbled onto this 18th century instrument designed...
Teshima Art Museum

Teshima Art Museum

Uniting the creative visions of artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Art Museum stands on a hill on the island of Teshima...
China's Bridge With No Beginning and End: Lucky Knot

China’s Bridge With No Beginning and End: ‘Lucky Knot’

The Beijing and Amsterdam-based architectural studio NEXT has completed the 'Lucky Knot' pedestrian bridge, a shiny red shoelace offering knots and ripples on the...
Place des Festivals

‘Loop’ illuminates in Montreal’s Place des Festivals 2016-2017

Place des Festivals, traditionally held in Montreal to illuminate the shortest and darkest days of the year, is celebrating a series of audiovisual and...
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