Philips Lighting Launches New Wireless Connected Lighting System

Philips InterAct System Wireless Lighting Controls

Philips Lighting has created a new wireless lighting control solution for today’s global office lighting systems called ‘Philips InterAct System’, has $5 billion market value.

The Philips InterAct Office System allows building managers to reduce energy use by up to 70%, optimize operations and create a more comfortable environment without the need of office renovation. The first system expected to be implemented in the United States is targeting 15 billion square feet in market, which includes offices and buildings in North America. The system makes it a completely intelligent building management system managed by Philips Lighting with the use of Philips sensors, luminaires and control equipment.

The system collects detailed information such as energy usage and room occupancy rate, and transfers this information to a user-friendly dashboard, while the sensor network collects information about current levels and directs the system’s lights to change automatically in response to this information. To put it simply, if we assume that If all offices in North America were updated by 2030 with this technology it could save businesses a collective $6.4billion on energy, equivalent to the output of 36 medium-sized power stations or CO2 emissions of 44 million tons (US).

“Our new system delivers instant energy savings and requires no upfront investment from customers, who pay an easy monthly payment funded by the savings,” said Emmanuel Sabonnadiere, CEO of Philips Lighting’s Professional business.

“However, energy savings are just the tip of the iceberg. Our ‘Light as a Service’ model frees customers to focus on their business, while information from sensors in the luminaires gives them unique insights into the use of energy and office space to enhance operational efficiencies.”

Philips InterAct Office uses proprietary wireless gateways that connect the existing system with lamps and luminaires, without any changes to property owners’ existing cabling systems. The information (light level, ambient light and energy consumed) obtained by the sensors located on the armatures is encrypted and processed in the system and stored in the cloud in a safe manner. The collected information is presented to the customers in a simple dashboard. With the cloud-based system and modular structure, the system can be scaled up and can serve more than once across the world. Thus, companies can control or monitor their offices around the world from a single center.

The Philips InterAct Office system will be introduced to the market in the US this year.

Philips InterAct System